The LLCI System is a uniquely designed ecosystem that helps all the aspirants in understanding what and how things happen in Lamplighters.

You get a chance to study with faculties who have been in this trait for a long time now and have taken several NEET coaching classes. They not only have the theoretical knowledge of the exam but are well-experienced in imparting that knowledge to the students as well. Our faculty themselves have graduated from different major universities and reputed institutes allowing us to become one of the best coaching institutes for NEET. We offer regular doubt classes, revision classes, and mock papers to help students strengthen all of their subjects. Faculty members also offer one-on-one sessions to the students who lack basic understanding or fail to understand any question, topic, or chapter. Making us a recognizable NEET coaching institute of UP. Over the year, we have been building a recognizable and respectable infrastructure where students can enjoy studying their courses. Over time, we have also learned and understood the best ways to teach students. Our faculty members have an expertise that levels the playfield for bright and lesser-bright students. So if you are looking for NEET coaching centres near me online, then look no further and simply take a trial class at Lamplighter Coaching institute.

NEET System

The LLCI System is a uniquely designed ecosystem that helps all the aspirants in understanding what and how things happen in Lamplighters.

TEACHING Methodology

We build and focus the fundamental & conceptual aspect of each topic that make us to represent each topic before student in such a way that one can learn easily by every medium (Hindi/English) student.


Neat and Clean classroom with proper sitting arrangement. Strength is accommodated in classrooms which are air-cooled and are equipped with Audio systems. If student unable to understand topic she/he can ask in classroom also.


We provide module wise exhaustive, relevant and result oriented study materials by that student can safe time in referring many books. We also provide and get solve practice paper topic wise in classroom known as DLF (Daily Lecture Folio). The study material that we provide is prepared by our “IQBAL SIR” to help students prepare conceptually for their exams.


Doubt Counters is a unique platform that LLCI offers to its students- so that their doubts are clarified, concepts are strengthened and confidence is boosted up by our IQBAL SIR during one to one interactions. This meticulously planned platform paves the beginning of progress, the genius of reason and the pathway to success by clarifying the doubts from the very grass root level.


To help overcome academic and non-academic problems faced by our students, we include following tools to provide academic guidance, personal care and motivation to make students feel at home and utilize all of their energy to be successful.


This test is to evaluate our students in running topic held randomly.SET result provides level of preparation at atime .


We provide time sheet to student to make schedule of daily activity by which we make daily rautine of our students to do study in a systematic way


By personal counseling,moral boosting classes and result of tests ,we analyze performance of students and help him/her to improve in a best way

Study Process Flow Chart

LAMPLIGHTER Study Process Flow Chart

Staff Traning

we make sure that the change are well revised and well adapted by faculty and staff and are implemented in there rautine life. This is very essemtial because you become perfect only when you put practice

Staff Traning

Our institution focuses on guidelines of traning ,mentoring ,adapting and practing .we very will know the importance of an employees personal aims and we are driven to make them come true.

SAT (Section Assessment Test)

This test is based on individual topics and held once every week.SAT test result includes rank only within the batch by which our students can analyze their level of preparation on the base of topics.

GAT (Group Assessment Test)

This test based on two or more topics and held once every month.GAT test result includes combined rank of all batches by which our students can analyze their level of preparation on the base of topics as well as existence in competition level.

Staff Traning

An organization that focuses on the providing the best amenities and dreams of alignment of personal growth and goals with its own, it is utmost necessary that the faculty and the staff remain well skilled and updated from time to time.

Staff Traning

The field of education has witnessed the most changes and the pattern continues even today. With newer generations of students passing by, it is a prerequisite that we know the kind of environment they move in and we are constantly trying to provide the same and with an efficient team that is ours, we are proud to say that we have achieved a lot.

Online Solution

We provide online support and solution as well as offline by which our students never feel helpless to do their studies.