2 August 2019 02:46 AM

NEET PCB Syllabus


Batch wise classes having limited students are held sessions, for English & Hindi medium in air-cooled, spacious classroom equipped with high quality audio system.

1: Lecture Classes

Lectures of 150 minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of NEET/AIIMS and delivered by our renowned teacher IQBAL SIR.

2: Revision classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students and full course revision starts by March after completion of syllabus

3: Scholar Batch Classes

These classes are separately arranged for discussion of “ALL SUBJECTS” by DLF sheets (Practice paper), assignment books & Notes for those students who require extra assistance and submitted for their selection. It provides complete guidance for Selection.

4: Doubt Removal Classes

These classes are specially arranged for doubts where student can ask his/her doubts, and by it all students able to share their knowledge to each other which help that student who is not looking that type of problems.

5: Moral Boosting Classes

Moral boosting classes are one of the unique classes of our institute in which MORAL level of our student which motivate internally to do study.


DLF-Daily Lecture Folio

Every topic is subsequently practice in class by a DLF which is a bunch of multi conceptual problems, designed to give in-depth understanding of the subject & to improve question solving speed through time bound practice.DLF is topic wise multi exercise booklet, designed according to the syllabus of NEET/AIIMS, containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions including previous ten years NEET/AIIMS questions, covering all the possible arena of the problems which may be asked in forth coming exams.

Assignment Book

For self practice in subject, Module wise books are distributed to students which help them in gaining confidence & command on topics.

Hand book

Hand book Known as Physics Saransh containing all important formulae and concepts are provided for a faster revision

Topic wise previous years question bank

NCERT important questions and their solutions



Periodic Tests are taken regularly to check level of study practice to the students as to respond promptly to tricky questions and manage speed and time to help them to self evaluate for NEET/AIIMS and to identify weak area.

SAT (Section assessment Test)

These tests include individual topic held once in a week. It gives confidence for the topic which is currently taught at that time.

GAT (Group assessment Test)

These tests include two or more topics, held once in a month. This provides combined ranking of all batches to check exact level of study for competition.

SET (Self Evaluation Test)

These tests are to evaluate yourself in running topics held randomly.

Major Test

These tests are conducted after completion of syllabus to give final touch to the main exam.